The community of tennis coaches in Vilnius successfully working for 10 years already



Broken string? Contact us, we can help you! Stringing for all types of rackets Monday to Sunday. We can offer various strings suitable from beginners to advance players.



„M tennis“

The community of tennis coaches in Vilnius successfully working for more than 10 years already, training both beginners and advanced children and adult players.

Our Goals:
– To promote popularity of tennis game in Lithuania;
– To train everybody to play tennis who wants to learn this game;
– To gather together various level tennis players into one community;
– To gain more tennis experience and increase the level of amateur tennis game;
– To organize amateur tennis tournaments for players of various levels.

Our values:
– professionalism
– respect
– responsibility



We offer tennis training based on your needs: individual, two people, group or childrens lessons. After arranging the most suitable time for you we will take care of tennis court reservation, provide you with tennis racket and balls. All you need to take care of is a comfortable sports wear, a bottle of water and bring a good mood with you!

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: or or cellphone: +370 627 00701

Which type of training should you choose?

Individual training

The best way to for people who want to acquire right technical skills. Often people forget that it's much more complicated to learn how to fix a wrong technique than to learn the basic skills from a scratch. Having the right technique is extremely important for the amateur players in order to have great fundamentals of tennis game. This way you will not only experience the real pleasure of tennis game, but also avoid injuries that often accompany self-learning.

Two people tennis training

Great vale for money. It is a good practice to learn how to play tennis with same level player under the supervision of a professional. On individual training only players often forget that the coach gives the ball more comfortable than your level players.

Group tennis training

A great opportunity to learn some basics and theory. Later, in order to enhance your skills and technique, it is also recommended to include training in a pair or individualy.

Children tennis training

One of the best things your can give your child is to promote movement and physical activity. After all, it is said that in a healthy body is a healthy soul. Tennis training is a great way to improve coordination, teamwork.


We organize singles and doubles tennis tournaments for various tennis players, including the ones who have recently started playing tennis and the ones who are play ingtennis for more than 10 years.

If you have any questions, or if you wish to join and help to organise our tennis tournament, participate or even hold your name / brand tennis tournament, please contact us.

Information about upcoming Tournaments:


Pas Mažvydą treniruojuosi daugiau nei pusę metų, tikrai profesionalus ir motyvuojantis treneris. Visada patogus laikas, naudingi patarimai bei puiki nuotaika.


Labai smagu dalyvauti Jūsų rengiamuose turnyruose, kuriuose viskas aiškiai ir tiksliai sudėliota. Lentelės, žaidimo laikai, aikštelės, varžovai... Ateini, jokių rūpesčių, jokios įtampos ir streso. Nuostabi aura, ramybė ir atsipalaidavimas. Mažvydas su Ieva spinduliuoja gera nuotaika, kuria užkrečia ir žaidėjus. Pozityvas šimtaprocentinis Sėkmės Jums mielieji.


Mažvydas yra šiltai ir atvirai bendraujantis, tikintis tuo, ką daro, atsidavęs darbui, mokantis motyvuoti ir perteikti klientui savo turimas žinias taip, kad būtų paprasta ir aišku suprasti.